The following texts by John Thackara were selected and republished by P2P Magazine
How To Thrive In the Next Economy: Preface to the Chinese edition (July 2019)
When Value Arises From Relationships, Not From Things (interview with Valentina Croci in Domus Magazine, April 2018)
Manifesto For Utopias Are Over: Cities Are Living Systems (extract from DAMN magazine, March 2017)
(Healing the Metabolic Rift between Humanity and the Planet (interview with Jonny Gordon-Farleigh, December 2017)
John Thackara on Sustainability, Design and Old Growth (February 2017)
John Thackara’s Intimate Tour of the Emerging New Economy (book review by David Bollier, October 2016)
John Thackara on How To Thrive In The Next Economy (interview with Darren Sharp, March 2016)