“How do I finish a book on design that I began before the pandemic?”
“How can I do meaningful work if my job is just about tech?”
“With so many crises converging, what does it mean to do foresight work?”
“Where can my skills be socially useful?”.
“Should I quit my job? Academic research is such a treadmill, ”
“What alternatives do I have?”

Words like meaning, connection, aliveness, belonging, agency, and relationship, cropped up repeatedly in our last MeetUp this July. We explored everyone’s next steps in fresh ways. We then decided to organise another Meetup this year, in our house in France, during the week 9-16 September.

Designers of all kinds come – along with ecologists, curators, team leaders, professors, students, artists, writers. Either they’re working on a live project, thesis, course, or book – and use the week to move it forward. Or they want to transform their working life completely and use time here to figure out how. These two agendas frequently seem to converge!

Focused mentoring from John tailored to your project: at least three half-hour, 1:1 conversations.
Networking and feedback from the other participants.
A show-and-tell meal together to start the week.
Daily cross-pollination in the evening group apéro.
Daily journalling exercise.
Quiet and private time to focus, reframe, reflect – in the house, at the river, in nature.

Big old house in a market town in the south of France.
Surroundings: clean air, mountains, and wild rivers, in beautiful Cévennes nature.
Me-time to reflect quietly in our courtyard, at the river, by a waterfall.
River swimming.
Cosy spaces around the house for quiet conversations.
Duplex apartment, sleeps three, fully equipped kitchen.
Ground floor Summer Kitchen : simple but with fridge & dishwasher.
Courtyard and Veranda.
Coffee, snacks etc provided.
Food market 100m away (Tuesday and Friday mornings).
Bread, farmers shop, Bio-Coop, bakers etc: all within walking distance.

If you’re interested, please apply as soon as possible but in any case before August 7. As soon as we’ve selected a minimum of four participants (the maximum is 7) we’ll confirm your participation. Go here for more information and to apply.