There is still time for your company to sponsor Doors 8. We will use new resources from sponsors to improve the conference, and to enhance the Social Innovation Salon. We also want to provide travel scholarships to grassroots innovators with stories we want to hear.
A decision to sponsor Doors should not be considered philanthropy. We believe sponsors should support the event with the intention of gaining tangible benefit. Here are six reasons why the investment would be a wise one for an international company:
1. The industrial revolution was launched in part by knowledge about textile production brought from India to Europe. The same can happen with knowledge about daily-life services brought from India, today.
2. Doors 8 is about next-generation service and product concepts, and how to design them.
3. India is a world-class incubator of new business models. The ‘Public Call Office’ concept enabled hundreds of millions of people to gain telephone access, within a few years. What’s coming next?
4. India’s software companies are determined to move up the value chain, globally. They need partners to do that. Who is going to be those partners?
5. Grassroots innovators in India combine pre-industrial lifestyles with cutting edge technology. Innovating companies need to understand how they do that.
6. Doors East led to “brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability” (Economic Times of India).
Note: Doors of Perception is a not-for-profit foundation.