Many employers will only pay travel and registration costs if an employee has been invited to present a paper. This crazy policy implies that nobody comes to learn – just to speak – and it leads to over-crowded conference agendas. The policy is a pain for us, too: We want you to come, and we want everyone to be an active participant – but if we overload the agenda with one-to-many presentations, nobody benefits. But we live in an imperfect world, so here are the three ways by which people get to present at Doors 8:
a) By leading a pre-conference Workshop during the days before the conference: these events are an opportunity for incoming experts to meet local designers and design students and engage with a subject and/or situation in a rather open and exploratory way. We will announce these events and make connections between interested parties where we can, but will not provide financial support.
b) By speaking the Conference (Monday/Tuesday): the programme for this is full.
c) By presenting at the Social Innovation Salon (during Conference breaks, and all-day Wednesday and Friday): the Salon is a kind of bazaar in which project leaders and teams will present the results or work-in-progress of a live project. A small number of projects will be the focus of Project Clinics on Wednesday; others (we reckon 30-40) may be presented in the Salon where we will provide space, time, a table, and a noticeboard. If you have a proposal for (a) or (c), send a short email to Priya George ( with a copy to Joost Wijermars ( – and they will give you a speedy decision. We will not waive your registration fee if your workshop or project is included in the programme.