I found it weird (in the story below) that brand marketing should be proposed as an appropriate response to climate change. Now I read in Mute that Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, last year advised the US Department of Defence on rebranding war. In a speech to the military reported in Brandweek he says: “I’m going to show you how we create emotional connections with consumers, and how we inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason”. Roberts argues that ‘Brand America” should call its struggle, the “Fight for a Better World”. Roberts find this to be “more inclusive, more optimistic and more engaging”. He goes on to advise the military “not to abandon the mass market, but to transform it with multiple emotional connections,” and concludes: “Deploy Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create America as a Lovemark”.
I didn’t make this up. If someone else did, I apologise to Mr Roberts for suggesting that it’s time he emigrated from La La Land.