The words we use often shape the ways we look at the works and hence, the actions we take. As am exercise, I’ve been collecting hard words and their soft alternatives.

HARD                                                            SOFT

user                                                                  person

consumer                                                        producer

control                                                              emerge

care                                                                   enable

author                                                              character

facts                                                                  feelings

distance                                                           presence

objective                                                           immersive

inform                                                              inspire

describe                                                           protoype

suggest                                                            discuss

gaps                                                                 patterns

record                                                               reflect

understand                                                      involve

feedback                                                          feed forward

useful                                                               desirable

normal                                                             absurd

adaptive                                                           generative

objects                                                              events

form                                                                  context

think                                                                 do