If we really want to change the world, we need to learn about money. Money, and the myth of a perpetual growth economy, lies behind many of the difficulties we face. The good news: Many smart people are busy designing replacements for the ecocidal money system we have now. There will not be a single global solution; what’s emerging is a multitude of new money systems, each adapted to its particular situation. (Updated July 2015). 


The conflict at the heart of modern money, by Matt Slater
Matt Slater reading list
Adbusters / True Cost Economics
Debt: the First 5,000 Years. by David Graeber.
The  Money Fix (a film)
13 books on the future of money
A bird’s eye view  Professor Bernard Lietaer
Physics and our monetary culture  Dr. M. King Hubbert 
Prosperity Without Growth (Tim Jackson’s TED talk)
David Malone -How To Destroy The Web Of Debt
Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein
Manfred Max-Neef – video interview with the Chilean economist

Community Forge
MatSlats “My work is to provide software for mutual credit economies”
Community Economies
How To Make Your Own Money
Punk Money Using Twitter
Brixton Pound Digital
More Than Money: Platforms for Exchange and Reciprocity in Public Services David Boyle.
Community Currency Magazine

Social economy organisations
Global Alliance for Banking on Values
International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
Federation Europeene des Banques Ethiques et Alternatives
Institute for Social Banking